Legal Design Roundtable 2021


25 of May

14-17 CEST

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Official hashtag of the event #LDR2021


The interaction between law and design is a growing field of research, teaching, and practice. However, the scientific contributions exploring the foundations, methodologies, and limitations of “law and design” struggled to emerge for a long time. This was (and to a certain extent is still) due to a number of factors: interdisciplinarity is preached but not largely practiced; law and design is not a structured discipline, yet; the field does not offer clear career development paths in the academia; there is a lack of publication venues for the contributions in the field. These difficulties, however, have not stopped the scientific inquiry in this area. Indeed, over the last few years, the “law and design” movement has grown slowly but constantly at a point that this year we are going to see the contemporary publication of seven different volumes in this area. The goal of this roundtable is to put these books in a meta-conversation. We will invite the editors to introduce the main goals of their publication, the spectrum of contributions they collected, the difficulties they faced, and the conclusions they reached for the future of “law and design”. By engaging with the discussants and the public, the roundtable aims to:

- Acknowledge what has been done so far by the “law and design” movement

- Explore the foundations of such a movement

- Identify the steps to continue our work in this area.



14.00-14.10: e-welcoming of participants by Rossana Ducato and Alain Strowel


14.10-15.30: Meta-discussion on law and design

Chair: Alain Strowel (UCLouvain, Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles, Munich IP Law Centre, Pierstone)


Michael Doherty | Professor of Law and Associate Head of Law School, Lancaster University, UK

Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Helena Haapio, Margaret Hagan and Michael Doherty (eds) Legal Design: Integrating Business, Design, & Legal Thinking with Technology, Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming 2021


Amanda Perry-Kessaris | Professor of Law, University of Kent, UK

Doing Sociolegal Research in Design Mode, Routledge, forthcoming 2021


José Torres Varela | Universidad Libre de Colombia, Colombia

Legal Design: Cómo crear un sistema legal apto para seres humanos (= Legal Design. How to create a legal system for human beings), Legis, forthcoming 2021.


Marco Imperiale | Lawyer and Head of Innovation, LCA Studio Legale, Italy

Barbara de Muro, Marco Imperiale, Legal Design. Come il design può semplificare il diritto (= Legal Design. How design can simplify the law), Giuffré, forthcoming 2021


Astrid Kohlmeier | Legal Design consultant; member of the Executive Faculty at the Bucerius Center on the legal profession, Germany

Astrid Kohlmeier, Meera Klemola,The Legal Design Book. Doing law in the 21st century, Wolters Kluwer GmbH, forthcoming 2021


Helena Haapio | Associate Professor of Business Law, University of Vaasa; Docent of Proactive Law and Contract Design, University of Lapland, Finland

Marcelo Corrales, Helena Haapio and Mark Fenwick (eds), Research Handbook on Contract Design, Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming 2021.


15.30 – 16.50: Open discussion

Chair: Rossana Ducato (University of Aberdeen and UCLouvain)



Lisa Toohey | Professor of Law, Newcastle Law School, Australia

Colette R. Brunschwig | Senior Research Associate, University of Zürich, Switzerland

Monica Palmirani | Professor of Legal Informatics, CIRSFID, University of Bologna, Italy

Stefania Passera |Passera design, Finland

Hallie Jay Pope| Lawyer and Chief at Graphic Advocacy, US

Arianna Rossi | Postdoctoral Research Associate,‎SnT, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Rob Waller | Director of the Simplification Centre and President of the International Institute for Information Design



16.50 -17.00: Greetings and farewell



The Legal Design Roundtable is an event promoted within the Jean Monnet Module “European IT Law by Design”, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.


Scientific coordinators: Dr. Rossana Ducato (University of Aberdeen and UCLouvain) and Prof. Alain Strowel (UCLouvain, Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles, IP Law Munich Centre). Technical and organisational support: Quentin Fontaine (UCLouvain)

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It will be a late night here in AU but so looking forward to this wonderful event. Thank you for organizing and to all the participants! ^_^

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