Stefania Passera

Stefania is a designer, consultant, and researcher – based in Helsinki, Finland. She obtained a MA in Graphic Design from Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, and a D.Sc (Tech) from Aalto University School of Science.

She is specialized in contract design and legal design, helping private and public organizations make their contracts, T&Cs, contract briefs, contract guides, policies, etc. user-friendly, clear, and effective. Her work ranges over information design, service design, user research and testing, concept and brand design, user and customer experience.

She has been pioneering legal design for almost a decade, bringing design thinking & doing to in-house legal departments, law firms, legal tech startups, and public organizations. She is the initiator of Legal Design Jam, a hands-on workshop that brings together different stakeholders to give extreme user-centric makeovers to a chosen contract (or any other type of insufferably dense legal/bureaucratic document). She also wrote her doctoral dissertation on how visualizations can enhance the usability and user experience of contracts. She has been awarded IACCM Fellow status by the IACCM (International Association for Contracting and Commercial Management) for her work on contract simplification and innovation.

She is the VP for Social Media on the board of the IIID (International Institute for Information Design) and she served as its World Regional Representative for Finland (2014-2018). She is also a member of Ornamo and Grafia.

In the past, she has been leading the Internship Innovation Project (I2P) at Aalto University. I2P is an “innovation-in-action” course provided in collaboration with ESADE Business School (Barcelona, Spain), in which multidisciplinary and international student teams tackle real-life, open-ended innovation challenges assigned by partner companies.