“Make Websites Privacy Friendly Again! Overview of Systemic Issues and Tooling”, Seminar by Robert Riemann

We are pleased to invite you to the seminar “Make Websites Privacy Friendly Again! Overview of Systemic Issues and Tooling”, by Robert Riemann (IT Policy Unit of the European Data Protection Supervisor).

The seminar will be held on Friday 21, h. 10.30-11.30, at the Faculté de Droit, room MORE 66-67.

During the session, Robert Riemann will quickly lead us through the development of websites and the Internet economy over the last 20 years.After a primer on browser technologies for tracking, a hands-on exercise follows to show how such tracking can be made visible. For this, we use Firefox and Chrome. Eventually, the free software from the European Data Protection Supervisor (the Website Evidence Collector) is shown, which can automatically detect, record and document tracking of personal data.

Bring your laptop! We are going to understand what personal data is transferred and stored when we visit a website in practice!


Robert Riemann holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Berlin. In 2017, he received the degree of a doctor in computer science from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon for his research on the subject of distributed communication systems for e.g. online voting. Since then, he works at the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) in Brussels in the IT Policy unit. He covers mainly web technologies and P2P and follows up on recent technological developments.

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