Legal Design Challenges

Today our students have discovered their legal design challenge.

Legal Design is a human-centred approach aiming at preventing or solving legal problems. So, to start from a problem is the first necessary step.

Christoph Schmon, Ph.D. in Law from the University of Vienna and Senior Legal Officer at BEUC, has helped us by elaborating 4 different concrete scenarios. Each of them will be assigned to a different team of students.


Case 1. Do you have time for a quick 33 hours read?

Case assigned to the Team “Game of Policies”



Case 2. Be dynamic!

Case assigned to the Team “Yes women”


Case 3. Watchdog restarts

Case assigned to the Team “Watchers”



Case 4. Hello, can you hear me?

Case assigned to the Team “The Amazons”


Good luck to our students!



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