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EITLab Series of Seminars

26th of February 2021 | h. 11.30-12.30 CET

Seminar with Helena Haapio on

Legal and Human readable. By design.

This session is based on my cross-professional research and my work as part of legal information design projects, where lawyers have teamed up with business people, designers, and plain language experts to put users in the center. We will explore primary and secondary readers’ needs and what it means when not only the content but also things such as the tone of voice,  look and feel, and  usability  of documents matter – and what we can do about them. The goal: to ensure that what we prepare is legal and human-readable, by design. 

Recommended readingsRob Waller,  Contract design for humans: preventing cognitive accidents:


The event will run on the MS Teams channel of the EITLab course. If you want to join send a request to rossana[dot]ducato[at]uclouvain[dot]be

Helena Haapio is Associate Professor of Business Law, University of Vaasa; Adjunct Professor / Docent of Proactive Law and Contract Design, University of Lapland; and Contract Strategist, Lexpert Ltd.

After completing legal studies at the University of Turku, Finland, and Cambridge University, England, she served for several years as in-house Legal Counsel in Europe and the United States.

A pioneer of the Proactive Law approach, she has for many years promoted the use of simplification and visualization in commercial contracting. Her multidisciplinary research focuses on ways to enhance the functionality and usability of contracts through design.

Her books include Next Generation Contracts: A Paradigm Shift (Lexpert 2013) and two titles co-authored with Prof. George Siedel, A Short Guide to Contract Risk (Gower 2013) and Proactive Law for Managers: A Hidden Source of Competitive Advantage (Gower 2011). She also acts as arbitrator in contract disputes.

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