Conversations on Legal Design

EITLab Series of Seminars

19th of February 2021 | h. 11.30-12.30 CET


Seminar with Professor Monica Palmirani on

Legal Design methodology: from the legal analysis to the visual design passing through the legal ontology


Legal Design is an emerging method of communicating legal content in a simpler and more transparent way using a human-centered approach. It is based on the engineering principles of design, on web design techniques, on the canonical principles of the visual artist. But it also includes analysis of legal theory to make sure legal concepts are modelled correctly in visual representation. To meet this objective, we suggest using the methodology of formal legal ontologies as a bridge between legal language and visual representation. This approach also makes it possible to counter the risk of the black box and to implement the right to explanation to detail the process of reduction to visual symbolism. Finally with the legal ontology in the background the graphic representation is fully machine-consumable with the Semantic Web technology. This permits to the algorithms and the search engines to understand better the meaning of the visualization and to build an appropriate knowledge graph of the legal knowledge for supporting the human computer interaction.

The event will run on the MS Teams channel of the EITLab course. If you want to join send a request to rossana[dot]ducato[at]uclouvain[dot]be

Monica Palmirani is Full Professor of Computer Science and Law at Bologna University, School of Law, Italy.  Graduated in Mathematic, Ph.D. in Legal Informatics and IT Law, teacher of several courses since 2001 on Legal Informatics, eGovernment, Legal drafting techniques, and Legal XML. She is member of CIRSFID, one of the main centers of excellence in Italy and one of the leading centers at the international level for the area of computer science and law.

She is also the Director of Ph.D. International Program Erasmus Mundus Law, Science and Technology ( Her principal field of research is in Legislative and Legal Informatics. In particular, she is an expert of XML techniques for modeling legal documents both in structure and legal knowledge aspects, including normative rules.

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