Conversations on Legal Design

EITLab Series of Seminars

12th of February 2021 | h. 10.45-11.45 CET


Seminar with Arianna Rossi on What is legal design? A lightning tour of a multifaceted discipline


In the last few years, we have witnessed an explosion of interest in legal design, both in the practitioners’ world and in the academic sphere. The term is often associated with legal innovation and its domains of application are blossoming. However, the boundaries of legal design action are often blurred, while the scope, the research methods and the merits of this new discipline still need to be rigorously established. During this seminar, we will seek to elaborate some preliminary answers, by interactively exploring a selection of legal design projects in the data privacy domain. Namely, we will examine: (1) legal design as an approach that challenges traditional legal assumptions, for instance, certain beliefs about how humans process information and develop trust in technologies; (2) legal design as interdisciplinary cooperation, through the case of a collaborative project about the transparency of website privacy policies; (3) legal design as a set of empirical research methods to investigate legally-relevant realities, like online manipulative designs (i.e., dark patterns); (4) legal design beyond the problem-solving approach, as a critique of how things are and speculation about how things could be.

The event will run on the MS Teams channel of the EITLab course. If you want to join send a request to rossana[dot]ducato[at]uclouvain[dot]be

Arianna Rossi is a research associate at the Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) of the University of Luxembourg. Her main expertise is in human aspects of privacy, transparency, choice architecture, legal design, and online trust. Arianna has a mixed background, with a joint international Doctoral Degree in Law, Science and Technology (University of Bologna) and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science (University of Luxembourg). She has been an invited speaker at international conferences and routinely gives seminars at European universities, while she also organizes events on legal innovation.

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